Mike LeMay has given us a hard-hitting treatise with a provocative title, which identifies the reasons for the impotence of Christianity and the church at large, in contemporary America. From the beginning of the book it is clear that LeMay has paid his tuition at the college of hard knocks. Yet LeMay has parlayed these tough life lessons into developing a discerning vantage point, where he is both effective and comfortable in pointing to modern trends that threaten the the existence of Christian orthodoxy. LeMay’s convictions not only lead him to write this important book, but also to create the poignant Christian talk show “Stand up for the Truth.”

Robert E. Meyer, RenewAmerica

Over the years, I’ve done interviews with dozens of radio hosts. Without a doubt one of my favorites is Mike LeMay, general manager of Q90 and co-host of the station’s ‘Stand Up for the Truth’ program. Mike prepares well, knows what he is talking about, and brings his passion, wit and commitment to God’s Word to every discussion. He appropriately probes an issue and a guest to make sure he is clear on what is being said and then zeros in on what Scripture says. Mike stands up for the truth with grace and respect for both the guest and the issue—a rare combination these days.

Julaine K. Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action

In this book, Mike LeMay dares to go where too few will go.  He challenges the mushy theology that is permeating American Christianity and challenges leaders to return to the truth of God’s Word instead of compromising with the culture.

Mike also challenges every Christian to look at how we are “reinventing” God in our personal lives, picking and choosing our theology.  He sheds light on the false teachings of emergent theology, social justice and Islam, encouraging Christians to remain true to God and His Word.

This book is a must read for anyone who calls themselves a Christian.

Elijah Abraham. Founder, Living Oasis Ministries